Looking for a reliable, quick-turn supplier of machined metal components? With hundreds of mills and lathes, our unmatched in-house capacity ensures your parts are shipped on-time, every single time. At Universal Metalcraft, machining facilities are designed for both rapid prototyping and low-volume production of end-use components.

CNC Lathes

Lathe CNC - Kia KIT30B
  • LATHE-01, CNC 10hp, 6″Chuck-KIA KIT30
  • LATHE-02, CNC 10hp, 6″ Chuck-KIA KIT30
  • LATHE-03, CNC 10hp, 6″ Chuck-KIA KIT30
Doosan 6S
  • LATHE-04, CNC 15hp, 10″ Chuck-Doosan 6S
Doosan 200
  • LATHE-05, CNC 20hp, 8″ Chuck-Doosan 200
Doosan 240C
  • LATHE-06, CNC 25hp, 10″ Chuck-Doosan 240C
Doosan 300C
  • LATHE-07, CNC 30hp, 12″ Chuck-Doosan 300C
  • LATHE-08, CNC 30hp, 15″ Chuck-Doosan 300C
  • LATHE-09, CNC 30hp, 15″ Chuck-Doosan 300C
  • LATHE-10, CNC 30hp, 15″ Chuck-Doosan 300C
Doosan 300CL
  • LATHE-11, CNC 30hp, 12″ Chuck-Doosan 300CL
  • LATHE-12, CNC 30hp, 12″ Chuck-Doosan 300CL
Doosan 400C Systems
  • LATHE-13, CNC 50hp, 21″ Chuck-Doosan 400C
  • LATHE-14, CNC 50hp, 21″Chuck-Doosan 400C
Doosan 10HC Systems
  • LATHE-15, CNC 30hp, 10″ Chuck-Doosan 10HC
  • LATHE-16, CNC 30hp, 10″ Chuck-Doosan 10HC
  • LATHE-17, CNC 30hp, 12″ Chuck-Doosan 10HC


Universal MetalCraft has the ability to create a wide range of complex parts, CNC milling is a popular solution for projects ranging from prototypes to full-scale fabrication of unique precision components.

  • Aircrafts and aerospace

  • Prototypes and custom designs

  • Commercial

  • Maintenance

  • Electronics

  • Medical, both disposable and non-implantable

  • Recreation

  • Technology and security

  • Telecommunications

  • Transportation and automotive

  • Industrial and O.E.M.

  • And More...

Universal MetalCraft is a full-fledged manufacturing facility with the continuous adoption of the latest technological advances available to the industry. Universal MetalCraft has experienced steady growth and has been consistently dedicated to advancing reliable methods of manufacturing.